Detoxification and Cleansing


Toxicity is a great concern and the process of detoxification is an important tool in order to survive in the world we are living in. Chemicals, air and water pollution, radiation and nuclear waste are seriously threatening our health. Detoxification is the process of either clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing or transforming them, clearing excess mucus and congestion.

Poor digestion, colon sluggishness and dysfunction, reduced liver function and poor elimination through the kidneys, respiratory tract and skin all increase toxicity, which contribute to degenerations and aging.

Detoxification and a cleansing program will be designed specifically for your situation. This may include fasting, juice cleansing, liver and gallbladder flushes, and/or elimination of highly allergenic foods from your diet, foods such as, wheat, dairy, peanuts, soy, sugar, eggs and corn. Eliminating caffeine and all stimulants will be crucial in alkalizing your body. Alcohol, nicotine and certain drugs may be eliminated during the detoxification/cleanse at the physician’s discretion. Detoxification may be as a short as two days or as long as 30.

Detoxification and cleansing includes getting rid of toxic emotions that keep us in a rut and hinder us from achieving vitality and happiness. Toxic emotions cause our bodies and spirit to deteriorate. Therapy, connection to a spiritual life and seeking help to deal with unresolved issues are ways to anti-aging.

Note: It is important that detoxification/cleansing program be designed for you by a professional and under the supervision of the physician after thorough consultation to insure that you are not getting deficient in protein or vitamins and minerals. Excessive detoxification can be harmful.


Comprehensive Allergy Test

Now more than ever, diet plays a critical role in preventing a wide range of degenerative diseases and premature aging. The immune system should react appropriately and protect against infection when confronted with harmful invaders or “infectious agents” like viruses or bacteria. Unfortunately for some, exposure to common foods, chemicals and molds may trigger chronic activation of the immune system.

At Smart Aging ® we offer comprehensive allergy test including over 200 types of food, 150 types of vegetarian food, food additives and colorings, pharmacoactive agents, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, molds, environmental chemicals and individual antigen testing.

We provide your patients a tool for managing a wide variety of conditions linked to chronic activation of the immune system.


Detoxification and Cleansing Symptoms

• Digestive Disorders
• Migraines
• Obesity
• Chronic Fatigue
• Aching Joints
• Skin Disorders
• Autism




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